Learn to Square Dance

Blast Class and Beyond!

If you are brand new to square dancing, you'll start by taking our Mainstream Blast Class.  This FREE EVENT is an ‘all day’ introduction to square dancing where you’ll learn approximately10 weeks of square dance calls, all in one day. 

Our Spring Blast Class is scheduled for Saturday February 29th, 10am to 4pm at the Mount of Olives Lutheran Church in Phoenix… 3546 E Thomas Rd, Phoenix AZ.

Snacks and beverages will be plentiful throughout the day and lunch will be a baked potato bar with all the right stuff; prepared and provided for you by members of the Desert Valley Squares.

If you are wondering if you'll 'fit in', please feel at ease.  The Desert Valley Squares are a very diverse group. Members represent a wide range of ages and types, male and female, LGBT and straight alike. No partner is required, as you will dance with many different partners during the class... and beyond.

Physically speaking, a dancer should be able to easily walk at a brisk pace for 3 – 4 minutes.  You may be surprised at how much aerobic exercise one can get from square dancing.  It's a great way to rack up those steps on your pedometer or fitness tracker!

After you’ve attended the Blast Class, we dance every Sunday evening from 5:30pm -7:00pm at the same location. We hope you’ll continue with us to complete the Mainstream Square Dance curriculum. 

**Once at the Mainstream level, you’ll be able to square dance virtually anywhere, with any square dance club, wherever your travels may take you.

It is our pleasure to provide The Blast Class to you at no cost.  The following 10 weeks after Blast Class are offered at the minimal cost of only $25 (payable on week 3).  If you aren’t quite sure square dancing is for you, you can attend the first 3 weeks after blast class at no cost as well.  At that point we ask for your $25 continuation fee to complete the additional 7 weeks.  That's the greatest dance lesson deal in town.  $2.50/class.

You will continue to learn a few new calls during each of the 10 weeks, and will practice all calls learned to that point.  It is important that you attend all classes! While it is possible to catch up from one missed class, students who miss more than one class in a row can create confusion for all the students in a square! Please determine whether you can attend classes regularly before you start.  We think Sunday night will become one of your favorite times of the week, as learning to square dance is fun and fulfilling.

To get started: 

  • Come to our Blast Class - Saturday February 29th, 10am – 4pm.

  • Mount of Olives Lutheran Church: 3546 E Thomas Rd.  Phoenix AZ.

  • Let us know if you’ll be there by responding via Meetup, Facebook, AZGayDance.org or email to Info@DesertValleySquares.com so we know how many new friends to prepare for.

  • No partner is required.  You'll dance with many different partners.

  • You'll meet members of the Desert Valley Squares and other new dancers.

  • No special attire.  Jeans or shorts and a comfortable shirt/top and closed-toed shoes are typical.

  • Finally, attending the Blast Class is a BLAST.  We don’t dance in a barn; we don’t wear silly clothes, (well, sometimes we do) and we dance to contemporary music.

Note: If you have already completed Mainstream level training elsewhere, you are more than welcome to attend our Blast Class, (and beyond). Bring a new friend, or just come to help angel our new dancers.


If you have questions or need additional information, please contact us and we will contact you by email or phone to answer any further questions. 


Note: Desert Valley Squares is a proud founding member club of the International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs, (IAGSDC.ORG) an LGBTQ* organizatio, to which we pay dues.  To become an official member of the Desert Valley Squares, our dues are currently $125 annually, or $40/Quarterly - per person.

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3546 E Thomas Rd

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